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E-commerce as an advantage for women entrepreneurs

E-commerce as an advantage for women entrepreneurs

One of the many benefits of e-commerce is that it can be used to spread awareness to a large mass of audience. It’s always easier to look for target audience online. Says Kriti Aggarwal, Director at Manusis Technologies Pvt. Ltd  (StoreHippo): "Online shopping has in a way proven to be a boon for women entrepreneurs who have broken into the male-dominated e-commerce business and sell anything from apparels to cosmetics and toys. An online marketplace model gives women the flexibility to conduct their business from the comfort of their home, at their convenience”. It enables them to take their venture pan India without having to worry about cost overheads, marketing calls and business related meetings & travelling. It is easier to conduct business online as it saves many overhead costs like rent, setting up your retail shop, employing staff & helpers, electricity costs and so on. E-commerce is a cost effective and convenient tool which provides an efficient method to connect buyers and suppliers from around the world without any need of actually traversing the distance.

  • Mar 02, 2016
  • manusis

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