Gdgt is a comprehensive social platform that enables gadget users to connect with the worldwide gadget loving community. Manusis developed the entire back end of the gagt site from scratch using their in-house Manu Framework and emerging technologies. The gagt site was adored by fans worldwide, earned some great reviews from critics and got $3.4 million in funding during the first year of launch. The site also scaled very well to the load.


Design By Humans

Design by Humans (DBH) is a global internet-based e-commerce company specializing in screen printing and on-demand custom printing of phone cases, apparel and art prints. DBH is popular for hosting design competitions and creating a community around graphic art designing. Manusis successfully revamped DBH’s existing website by creating a parallel system using a popular technology stack (LAMP) and their proven in-house Manu Framework.


Solving Kid’s Cancer

A community initiated by two fathers who lost their children to cancer, Solving Kids' Cancer is dedicated to radically improving survivorship of the most fatal childhood cancers. The Solving Kid’s Cancer website is used for raising funds for research and development in the field of kid’s cancer. The website, developed with Manu Framework, has custom integration with an existing SalesForce platform and with PayPal for payments.



LoYakk provides advance mobile engagement platform that helps organizations to directly engage their stakeholders in a seamless manner. Manusis collaborated with Loyakk to develop their website using the proven in-house Manu Framework and emerging technologies like MEAN and LAMP. Manusis also assisted LoYakk to set up their community networking site.

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