Process @ Manusis


At Manusis, we follow the scrum methology and Extreme Programming (XP) techniques religiously to make sure the work is always in control and deadlines are met in a timely manner. The iterative and incremental approach to development avoids any surprises and also helps us keep a tab on the quality. The Agile approach is well supported by the homegrown Manu framework which enables parallel development and eases the maintenance significantly.

Having worked on both sides of the world, we know what works and what not when working remotely. You will never find distance or language as a barrier. The processes and methodologies that we have in place will never make you feel that you are working with a remote team.With our strong liasons with firms in US, we can give you a virtual 24 hour cycle of work.

Testimonials from our clients

Manusis team has been very professional and thorough in approach on all the projects that I worked on with them. Even with minimal input, they were able to come up with innovative designs that hit the right cord the very first time. Quick response and ability to simplify complex tasks makes them a preferred choice for all our web development needs.

Daniel Aharonoff, CEO, BroadScaler Labs