StoreHippo is the new age e-commerce platform from Manusis that offers retailers everything they need to sell their products or services online. There is no requirement for coding and designing knowledge. With StoreHippo, sellers can easily create their customized e-stores in a matter of few minutes. StoreHippo boasts of using the latest and most scalable technology stack to rapidly create SaaS based applications that are inherently mobile ready, blazing fast and horizontally scalable. StoreHippo efficiently utilises the power of the underlying Amazon AWS cloud to add consistency and reliability to the platform.


DBLite is a feature rich, user friendly web based interface used for managing MySQL. Its simple intuitive interface allows users to perform complex operations with just a few mouse clicks. It has almost all the features of a desktop client plus lots more that cannot be achieved with a desktop client.

  • More features than a desktop client.
  • Intuitive interface to get the work done in minimum clicks.
  • All major browsers supported.
  • Maintains state to make it easy to work from different locations.
  • Support for multiple users on same installation
  • PHP based, small footprint (less than 1MB). Can be installed in shared hosting environment.

Manu CMS

The Manu CMS helps in creating the admin for StoreHippo (Manusis’ e-commerce platform that provides merchants everything they need to sell their products or services online). Unlike popular Content Management Systems like Joomla and Drupal that requires the database schema to be designed in a specific way, Manu CMS allows user to create admin pages on the top of existing database. That is particularly helpful in case of large scale websites where database need to be designed to keep the scalability and performance in mind.The inherent support for Ajax, various file management models (FTP, CDN, file based), image manipulation, advanced validation and add-ons like upload progress bar, calendar etc. ensure that you do not have to code much to get a highly performing and interactive CMS on the top of your existing database.

Manu CMS is built on the top of Manu Framework. This means you can use all the framework components seamlessly.


Manu Framework

Manu Framework provides a platform that empowers the developers at Manusis to create scalable web applications rapidly while still maintaining the high quality. It uses proven design patterns and best practices of web development for the most efficient utilization of resources at hand. The extensible architecture makes it possible to integrate popular third party components seamlessly into the application. The extensive library of components that come as part of the framework gives a big head start to any project. Manu framework has been developed with the following goals in mind

  • Enable parallel development.
  • Cut down development time.
  • Reduce cost of maintenance.
  • Add Minimal Overhead to the application.